Un primo aiuto in caso di emergenza.

Technical SPEC

Our “Secondskin” was born in 1998, thanks to an idea of an Italian Air Forces CSAR Captain. He saw the grave forearms burns of the mechanics who worked on helicopters very hot rotors. These burns were infected because medicated with old systems and no resist bandages.
He solved this problem thanks to his Chemical Studies, Military Experience and Invented “Secondskin”.
One year of Research and Development for Military Sector and Ten years to Development for Civil, Veterinary, Cosmetic with others Biological Elements inside.
“Secondskin” Genealogical Tree obtained Patent in 2009.
It's totally “Made in Italy”: Inventor, Biological Ingredients, Production and Packaging. Using different Biological Ingredients mixed in different states and temperatures it has been possible to get finally the products as it's supplied now.
Secondskin has a Solid and Elastic shape which let absorb transdermally the ingredients and helps to accelerate the healing of dermal and muscular tissue as well as neuromuscular disorders.
“Secondskin” looks like a solid elastic gel that, through exothermic reaction (+50 Military and Veterinary Sector, +40 Civil and Cosmetic Sector), change its status from solid to liquid.
In this status Secondskin can be applied on wounds, abrasion, burns, blisters, lacerations, bruises (excluding serious arterial wounds). After a short time return on solid elastic state, breathable, protective and water-resistant layer (avoiding any maceration).
Secondskin is completely soluble in warm water and can be easily removed after use or removed by it self after 2-3 days like a snake skin.
“PACKAGING” is very particular : 2 Aeronautical Aluminium Bags one inside the other. Internal one contains the thermoelements who can be activated pushing and shaking the bag (exothermic reaction).
“APPEARANCE” : Elastic Solid gel (Before use and After)-Liquid (During use). It appears after application on skin as a transparent film.
“COLOR” :Ivory.
“SMELL” : Characteristic.
“SOLUBILITY”: Totally in water.
“Ph INDEX: 7

Secondskin is “Dermatologically Tested” and “Certify Bruxelles European Notified Registration” as a Skin Protection.
“HUMAN SECTOR” Military-Civil
“COSMETIC” Ameliorate skin Firming Anticellulite